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José Lucas

Pictures: another languaje

Not a long time ago, a good friend of mine and a great journalist did me the honor of writing a text box about the twenty-five years of my career in his newspaper. With his characteristic skill, he drew a brief and exact profile in which he emphasized my role as a notary of those places and events that I had photographed for the last twenty five years.

But, what are the pictures but affidavits, present outlines, traces of messages, decorated paragraphs with eloquent shapes, bright words in the hands of a photographer who puts them in order, polishes them up and loves them so that they can tell us what he wants to express?

Both some words and pictures may be fierce or friendly; some of them will be warm but others will make our blood in our veins freeze.Even some of them will be superficial, however, we will get soaked to the skin with others. There are monosyllables and florid discourses, those that only serve to embelllish and those which are simply useful.Those just looking for external applauses and those condemned to wander in the intricate labyrinths in our mind, some are happy like the trill of a nightingale, some are sad because of a broken love, or sleepy due to the mere indifference.
Words, pictures, tools...., different ways of telling things, feelings, problems,dreams...Life

José Lucas

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José Lucas is a self-employed professional photographer. Specialized in all kinds of photography: Travels, Nature, Turism, Architecture, Art, Scenary, Industry, Festive, Social and Traditional Events, Gastronomy, etc. He owns a varied and huge photographc file. He usually collaborates on several media, such as Press, Publishing Companies, Institutions and Advertising.